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November 08, 2005



I LOVE IT! Thank you for making my day. I haven't laughed like this in a while!

BTW, I thought in order to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, that all Wal-Marts would be open for business on Christmas Day? ;-)


OMG, that is hilarious! I love it!


Lame - not funny, and not worth tossing credibility away for nonsense like this.
This isn't the Onion.

As long as it was mentioned, however, does anyone know how it is that The Hock is able to continue to sell copy written items like CAP insignia when they shut down everyone else?

When asked directly about it, the owner seemed unconcerned / aware there was even an issue.

What brought this to light was that many of his insignia are incorrect for color or minor detail (like the IL Wing patch, for example). And he confirmed he has simply gone out an found his own suppliers for the gear.


Regarding the copyright issue, there are none. From the USPTO web site: "A Copyright is a form of protection provided to the authors of “original works of authorship” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works, both published and unpublished."

We are clearly not dealing with printed material here. A search of the Trademark database does not reveal any entries for Civil Air Patrol. However, further research reveals Title 36 U.S.C Section 40306, which states, with reference to Civil Air Patrol: The corporation has the exclusive right to use the name “Civil Air Patrol” and all insignia, copyrights, emblems, badges, descriptive or designating marks, words, and phrases the corporation adopts. This section does not affect any vested rights.


Oh, come on, Bob. A joke is a joke. Its posted under the HUMOR category, for crying out loud. Nobody really *believes* that CAPMart will be purchased & run by Wal-Mart. Do they?

Nobody ever lost credibility for making a joke. Even a bad one.


So with respect to the trademark, copyright, or whathaveyou are they correct in enforcement or just being a ully and assuming a cease-and-desist will stop them.

No further comment as to the lame / credibility thing except for "phffffttttt"!

Dave: CAP has an implied copyright. If you do not believe me, just as the Great Lakes Region Commander. He is one of the people doing the enforcing on CAP's copyright infringements.


"Dave: CAP has an implied copyright. If you do not believe me, just as the Great Lakes Region Commander. He is one of the people doing the enforcing on CAP's copyright infringements."

Herein lies the problem, we are all wrapped up in copyrights and shoe shines leaving no time left to properly manage our core operations.

Read some of the recent board meeting notes, one page on operations, six pages on how we can keep our top secret historical photos from falling into enemy hands.

Perhaps if our photos were out there in the public eye, every person that sees my CAP license plate wouldn't think that I am a CPA and start asking for free tax advice.

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