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December 07, 2005



Sure I managed pass the skills test, but the only knot I regularly use is the one on the tie-down rope...

And the name for that knot is...


Hi 6,

An even better idea - buy yourself TWO pieces of rope, both the same size about 4' long, but different colors - makes it much easier to see things like the sheet bend in your foto.

Or you could sign on as crew on a sailboat - you'll learn several useful knots - quick!

Swag, the RIGHT knot for that job is called the "transport tightening knot" - I remember that lesson from my Army days..:-)

73 DE Hartley



The "transport tightening knot" I learned in my Army days was this big honkin' butterfly knot with two snaplinks attached that wound up being used as a pulley system of sorts for single-strand rope bridges.

Now, that sorta half-hitch loopy thing for tiedowns might be called a transport tightening knot, but the Flight Engineer Instructor who taught me how to secure blade ropes with that same knot called it "the knot you'd better tie correctly or I'll have you out here in the snow tying it again. All night long."


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