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July 30, 2006


Major Carrales

Thank need to put together a ...SURVIVING OSH KOSH plamplet for those of us who will go in later years.

Or the "CAP-terbury Tales"

Here bygynneth the Book of the Tales of CAP-terbury

"ye went on yon pilgymage
In ye name of CAP-ermage
Shal have a soper at oure aller cost
Heere in this place, sittynge by this OSH KOSH,
Whan that we come agayn fro CAPerbury.
And for to make yow the moore mury,
I wol myselven goodly with yow Orientation ryde "

Don't worry, I don't know what it means either...blasted Middle ENGLISH.

As an asside...That CAP trailer looks alot like a Railroad caboose.


I looked at the trailer for Flyboys. It wasn't what I expected, I guess I was thinkinmg it was a movie adaptation of the book about Chi Chi Jima in World War II.

But... The fact that is about the Lafayette Escadrille is cool. I don't think that there has been a movie about World War I aviation since "The Blue Max."


This takes me back to my pre-cadet days when I built plastic model airplanes, but if I recall correctly, didn't the V-strutter Neuport only have a single synchronized machine gun (a Vickers, I think) and a second machine gun mounted on the top wing that fired over the propelkler arc? The top gun was a Lewis, I'm pretty sure.


OK, In the Great Tradition of Pearl Harbor (The movie, not the battle) Let it be known by all persons that I, Major John Kachenmeister, have identified the first historical inaccuracy of the movie, "Flyboys."

The Neuports 11 and 17 had only a single synchronized Vickers machine gun, although some Model 17's had a single synchronized Lewis gun.

The Neuport 28, "The Last of the 'V-Strutters,'" had a single synchronized Vickers and a Lewis mounted on the top wing. None of the Neuports had twin synchronized guns.

In fact, I think the first Allied fighter with two synchronized guns was the Sopwith Pup.

I really got to get a life.

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