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July 31, 2006



I'm always sorry to hear about an avoidable accidents like this. If it turns out that the pilot was out over the lake because they were trying to avoid TFR areas, then I hope the FAA, TSA, City of Chicago and others wake up and review the results of their "security" measures. A loss of a towered airport. Loss of safe airspace during games. Etc.

We, as pilots, are always accountable for our actions but it seems that those that make the rules are not..... with potentially fatal results.


Major Carrales

I am saddened that something as trivial as a baseball game can divert air traffic in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago...most especially if this is the result. Give us a gander into where the priorities of a nation are when planes go tumbling in the sea because of a sproting event.

Maybe there needed to be a law (joke...partially) that required all sporting events to be in less densely populated areas or out of the way of major air routes...maybe rural areas. That would insure that teh traffic rush associated with the end of the game would not directly dump into FREEWAY traffic in large urban centers.

When President Bush or Vice-President Cheney go huntung in Falfurrias, Texas a large no fly zone is extended all over the area. Some of our aviators have encountered this.

But, Falfurrias, Texas is a rural area with minimum disruptions. I doubt Brooks Co. Airport see's as much service as Midway or O'Hare.


I am from Sulphur Springs, TX - - home of American Legend. It is also the hometown of the passenger that was rescued by the Coast Guard in this accident. He is a test pilot for Legend, and also a pilot for America West Airlines. We wish him a speedy recovery and continued success for Legend.


Major Carrales

Yes, to a very speedy recovery. To survive an air mishap is to be, in my opinion, very blessed. After some of the "not so sucessful" landings I have had the misfortune to witness the aftermath of...very blessed indeed.

God bless us all and may he KEEP 'EM Flying!


Does anyone know if this Legend Cub was powered by the usual O-200, or by the Jabiru 3300, a recently available option? Legend was showing a Cub with the optional Jabiru 3300 at Oshkosh. It was sporting a Sensencih W68CK38 prop, a fairly large diameter prop for that engine. Whether the plane that went down was the same one that was being shown at in the LSA area at Oshkosh or not, I don't know. Didn't take note of the N-number there.

Although the deceased pilot, Mr. John Gonas, is elsewhere described as the new owner of the downed plane, the FAA database hasn't caught up to any sale, showing N848LC as still registered to Legend, and doesn't show if it was Jabiru-equipped.

Any help connecting (or disconnecting) some of these dots would be appreciated.

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