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August 27, 2006


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Right Seater

As the commander of a "senior" squadron, I am curious what they will call us.

Major Carrales

I'm fine with "CAP Officer," I've used it in news stories as PAO (of course I have to make sure I do a "Civil Air Patrol, or CAP" statement in the first line of the article.

The real issue, where the rubber meets the road, is how to adress senior members without grade.

CAP Officer Carrales
2LT Carrales
1Lt Carrales
Capt Carrales
Major Carrales

Maybe just "Officer" or "Officer Candidate."


Who cares????


How about just "Volunteer"? It's what we are, it's what we do, and people can understand it.

As for senior squadrons, you can be a "Squadron." Cadet squadrons can stay cadet squadrons, composite squadrons can be composite squadrons.

Anyone without grade can be Mr., Mrs, Ms., Miss, Dr., whatever.


As far as the former rank of "Senior member" goes (Which always was stupid... how can you be a "senior member" of an organization when you joined in the past 6 months?), replace it with "Officer Candidate" (OC) or "Officer Without Rank" (OWR).

For senior squadrons, call the "Operations Squadrons." In my experience they take care of most of the Operations Officer's job anyway, keeping track of aircraft and pilot qualifications. In some places the senior squadron commander is dual-slotted as the operations officer in the group. That is, the commander of the senior squadron, not the most senior squadron commander.

Glad to be getting rid of this term!

Major Carrales

I say just call a "Senior Squadron" and "Air Patrol Squadron."

For a unit in the fictional city of Lackluster, Texas it would be the "Lackluster Air Patrol Squadron."


How about not making a distinction between the squadrons at all?

Use our charter numbers and we become the 113th Civil Air Patrol Squadron or the 62d Civil Air Patrol Squadron.

Some wings already do that, we can do away with the "squadron name" bit as our official designation and use numbers instead.

Major Carrales

Hummmm...numbered designations. That has potential. The you can have the "squadron name" on your unit hearldry.

That would make us, The Corpus Christi Comp Squadron...

The Texas 26th Civil Air Patrol Squadron

Seems cumbersome, but some minor tweaking might bring this to fruition.


Corpus Christi Composite Squadron (current)

Corpus Christi Air Patrol Squadron (Carralesian)

26th Civil Air Patrol Squadron (Lordmonarian)

42026th Squadron- Corpus Christi (based on charter)

26th Texas Squadron- CAP (based on Charter/Wing)

I can seem to find a numbering system that rings just right.


First the battle flag patch on BDUs, then the TPU, now this. Boy, our esteemed National Commander really has his finger on the top issues plaguing this organization! I think I'm gonna start referring to El Heneral as "Nero" from here on out.


Can we please dispense with the ethnic perjoratives, this is C.A.P. not the KKK.


"Ethnic pejoratives"? How is speaking in the national commander's native tongue an ethnic pejorative? Nothing racist about it.

Major Carrales

I do not know what the Major General may or may not have done to you people that warrants such outbursts, but his ethnicity is not on trial here. I don’t know him personally and may never have the opportunity to. I have no special affinity nor disgust with him.

Attack his policies and modus operandi if you must, but resort not to ad hominem attacks on his accent or ancestry. It serves no purpose.

Major Jose Ely Carrales


Dicho muy bien, comandante Carralles!
(written with appropriate accent)


"The self-confidence required to lead has at its core two sources: knowledge and integrity. Conquering yourself means learning about yourself--your skills and inadequacies, beliefs and prejudices, talents and shortcomings. Self confidence developes as you build on strengths and overcome weaknesses."
"DICIPLINE: Most good leaders are highly diciplined. They know that you simply can't control others, unless you can control yourself." USAF/PME SOC Course 28E, pg 13, and 22.
A prime example of what needs to be corrected within the Auxilliary. I rest my case...


...I thought so..

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