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November 20, 2006



We should have a bumper sticker, "My CAP Cadet can rescue your Boy Scout!" :-)


"Civil Air Patrol - Rescuing Lost Boy Scouts Since 1941"


Before we all get too giddy, recall that CAP ground team (we all experienced this at least once) that got lost while driving to find a target during a sarex.

Having a son in the Cub Scouts, I know that many times they are commanded by a parent that has the time, but not the expertise to be a leader.

Poking a little fun is fine but next time it may be one of ours that needs a little help.

Happy Turkey Day!


I have a unique perspective on this.

Former cadet
Ground Team GTM2
NESA trained
Former Cadet First Sergeant
Former Cadet Commander
Eagle Scout
Former Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Scoutmaster
Emergency Prep merit badge counciler
OA Brother

Now that we have that out of the way, I have met plenty of GT members senior and cadet alike that couldent hold a candle to my scouts in a field environment. Conversly there are some scouts out there that I think should be escorted by Air Force Pararescumen at all times just in case. The same goes the other way around. The simple way to put it is that some troops are good and some are bad, some ground teams are good and some are bad. Luckily we help each other out but that dosent mean we have the right to make fun of each other. It could blow up in our face the next time a scout unit rescues a cadet flight that gets lost doing PT. (true story there)

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