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December 22, 2006



BRILLIANT - THE PAPER, Hayden only said he took exams!

He never said he wrote papers now did he?

I say lets allow the CAPIG do his job and find out if anyone wrote the paper for Pineda (IF SOMEONE DID) and let the chips land where they may!

If he is innocent - he will be free and clear and we all just go on... if he is dirty, then CAP cleans itself up and we all still just move on....

Works either way now doesn't it?

Major Carrales

This should have been broken as story the day the IG released his findings, not before.

It is obvious that the forces involved tried to have the Major General tried in the court of public opinion instead of the system.

I will be pleased when this is over and we can get on with preforming mission for CAP.

Major Carrales


Heck with that Major. I am going to continue to perform my missions for CAP. Nothing really I can do about the situation anyway, it's way over my pay grade.

I'll continue to support CAP whoever the Commander is for I know what I do matters.


BTW, Now big brother blue knows all about this--the story's on the front page of the Air Force Times website! One "aw sh#$ ruins a thousand 'atta' boys!"


This all started on the last day of the Florida Wing Professional Development Weekend (PDW) in Boca Raton, FL. That was back in mid-October. Hayden was accused of yelling, banging his hand into a desk, and apparently pulling a firearm on a fellow officer (my Unit Commander at that time).

No one checked with Hayden to get his side of the story before he was relieved of duty as PDO. Hayden was naturally pissed and called for the Wing Commander and Chief of Staff to step down, and rumors-galore ensued. Hayden then took it to Pineda, where as NOTF reports, Maj Gen said to just call it quits.

I still can't believe Hayden took it this far, though. I couldn't agree more with Major Carrales about the situation being taken down the wrong street... this shouldn't have been done so publicly.


Also, shouldn't the AFIADL folks be in on this. It would also be a test compromise case. Let's wait and see, if true, I think the retired general officers on the BoG will have him gone quickly. If not, can CAP sue Hayden for something? I dread when some of my fellow active AF types ask me about this......


For Matt and others:

I have some knowledge of the incident, but I will not share it at this time. There IS a pending investigation, and that process must be respected.

But, I never heard about any involvement with firearms. Let's put that to rest now.


This smells to high heaven.

The guy was willing to break the law by taking the test to get promoted to Major, but now can't remember the exact details of how he got involved in taking the test.

He gets a 2b and now he has to come clean.

He admits that there is no way to prove the charge.

In the military, you don't accuse a General Officer of something unless you can be damm sure you can make it stick. Otherwise, you may end up on the wrong end of the court martial.

If the guy has some proof, bring it on. I don't think that the CAP IG has the investigative experience to get to the bottom of a he said - she said case.




I am so glad the good name of Civil Air Patrol continues to be run through the mud - now the crap has gone to the wires:


To listen to this from a group of individuals from Ill. who have yet to return property that was loaned to you during Katrina, I have to laugh. You, who supported Gen. G. in his disgrace. Do you not know the meaning of ethics. Do you not understand the rules of law. An investigation is underway into the allegations, your comments are not needed reguarding Gen. P. He is the current commander and as a member of CAP is entitled to an unbiased investigation based on the facts and only the facts. As a 28 year vet. of law enforcement I know that lie detector tests are for the most part useless. I would never want to convict a person based on a lie detector test, alone. That is why the majority of states do not allow the test as evidence. Gen G. is gone! get over it. Return our property. You know where to send it. Also how about trying to support CAP and the good it does rather then playing with your computer and bad mouthing every program that you know nothing about. Herbo

Midway Six


Thanks for your opinion.

What property was loaned to us that needs returning?



It is called a cooler. A very large white cooler. I mentioned it to your IG at Reno this year and he said he would mention it to you. We are still awaiting its return. Herbo


Mr Herbo,
Please contact me directly regarding the cooler. It was our understanding that it was to be disposed after the deployment. I believe it was returned to the Jackson Mission Base. If it is important that the cooler be replaced I would be glad to do it from my personal funds. I believe the cooler was something like this:

As for contacting the wing IG in this matter - I'm not sure why the wing Director of Logistics wasn't notified as this is an LG matter (that's me by the way). You may contact me directly by clicking on my name and clicking the email me link. Thanks.

Scott Murphy


I'm sure Herbo has the Form 37 that was signed showing IL took possesion of the cooler.

Compared to the behaviour of other people down there, if the sole complaint is a misunderstanding over whether a cooler should be returned, I'll take the lumps.

Murph, I'll chip in on that cooler, too, but then I get to sign my name on it!

Red Fox Elf



This is a copy of a letter send by Pineda to US Congress:

I am sorry to take time out of your busy schedule, but I have a situation that needs your attention. My name is Tony Pineda and I am the National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a Federally chartered non-profit volunteer organization which also performs missions for the U.S. Air Force. I’m writing this letter to you because the Board of Governors (BOG) that was set up by Congress a few years ago to ensure cooperation between CAP and the US Air Force, suspended me from office in Aug, 2007. They have misused and abused the powers they were given and there is no one to oversee them and take them to task for these injustices. Members inside the organization who have recently questioned their tactics have been fired and they have instilled a fear of reprisal in the other CAP members. I will try to explain the situation as concisely as possible.

I have volunteered as a member of this organization for 19 years. I joined CAP because I wanted to give something back to this country that accepted me and my family when I came from Cuba in 1962 after my dad was released from prison there because of his involment in the Bay of Pigs invasion. My wife and children are also CAP members. I recently retired as a law enforcement officer with 35 years of experience, leaving my DROP program early to dedicate all my time to my last year serving as the National Commander for CAP.

This problem began in 1996, when I was the Florida Wing Commander and Gen. Paul Bergman was the National Commander. Gen. Bergman ordered me to pay a volunteer member $8,000.00 dollars for services as a contract employee out of a Fla. Hospital District grant. I advised Gen. Bergman that the payment would be a violation of Fla. State Law and that I wouldn’t do it. Gen. Bergman then fired me as the Fla. Wing commander for not making the payment. I went back to the squadron level and worked my way back up to the position of National Commander two years ago.

In Dec. of 2006, an incident occurred at a training session in Fla., of which I had no involvement. This incident involved a CAP Testing officer named Ray Hayden, who made threats against the Fla Wing Vice commander by telling him that he was going to get an UZI and spray everybody. His incident was investigated by the CAP Inspector General’s (IG) office and he was put out of CAP. Hayden contacted me via email and asked me to stop the investigation. I checked with the IG’s office and advised Hayden that there was nothing I could do. He then threatened to tell them that he had taken some Air Force Staff and Command College tests for me back in 2002. It should be noted that these were courses and tests I took to further my knowledge and they weren’t required for my rank or any promotions I received.

The investigation into Hayden’s allegations against me by CAP began in Dec, 2006, by the CAP - IG. I was informed in July, 2006, that they had not found information to sustain the charges and they would be dropped. The normal procedure would have been to present the allegations to the National Board (which is made up of the wing and region commanders nationwide), where I would have had a chance to defend myself and then the board would determine if I should be suspended and the investigation initiated or if there was no merit to the allegations, it would have been dropped. This is delineated clearly in the CAP By Laws and Constitution. I am including that site for your review.

DISCRIMINATION: The precedence has been set that the above process occur when charges are filed against the National Commander. In three previous situations in which charges were filed against the national commanders, they were properly handled by the National Board, not the BOG. However, because Gen. Bergman was on the BOG, he convinced them that they could suspend me and conduct a further investigation. In the previous situations, the one commander was Gen. Bergman and he resigned before the National Board took him out of office. In a second situation, Gen. Richard Bowling, who is now the Chairman of the BOG, had charges brought against him and they were presented to the National Board, where they were dismissed. The third situation involved my predecessor, Gen. Wheless, who also resigned before the National Board heard the charges against him. In those situations, the BOG never got involved as they said it was the duty of the National Board. It should be noted that the other three national commanders are all white males and I am the only Hispanic commander.

VIOLATION OF RIGHTS: I was suspended telephonically at 11:00 pm, on the Sunday night, just a few days before our summer national convention in Atlanta, GA. I was advised at that time that I was to have no contact with any CAP members, except Gen. Bowling. It’s clear they did not consider that my family members are all CAP members. I believe that violated my constitutional rights. I could have understood them saying not to discuss the issue, but no contact was unreasonable.

DENIED RIGHT TO COUNSEL: I contacted my attorney, Neal Poller, who has handled all my personal legal affairs for me for years and advised him of the situation. He told me he would handle it. He contacted CAP legal counsel and was told that it was a conflict of interest for him to represent me as he is a CAP member. He has never done any legal work for CAP and I could not see the conflict. He asked them to reconsider and they advised him a week later that they wouldn’t allow him to represent me. I have contacted other counsel; however, due to the cost I have waited to proceed with that.

I provided the BOG with a copy of the CAP By Laws and Constitution, Article 15, which shows the procedure for suspension and removal of the National Commander and Vice Commander. Their response was that US Code 10 supersedes that and as the governing body of CAP, they can do whatever they want to do. They have not provided me with any evidence of the charges and I have obtained a copy of the statement of Ray Hayden, which has no evidentiary value either. Hayden has a motive for making the allegations; however, I would have no motive to cheat on a test that I didn’t need to take in the first place. They have kept me in limbo for the past month and a half, still under the direction not to have contact with CAP members. They have caused a fear of reprisal among the general membership and the turmoil has not been good for the agency. They are removing from command all of the members who have been put there since I’ve been the commander.

In all fairness to me, as well as to the continued success of the CAP, someone who they have no control over needs to address this issue with the BOG and I am asking for your help in this matter.

- Tony Pineda

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