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February 05, 2007



That mug shot will have to show up on the Smoking Gun. Its too gnarly not to!


Major Cranford, CAP

Perhaps she should be refered to as a "Astro-Nut"

I doubt the diaper wearing, pepper spray wielding Astro-Nut is going into any oxygen deprived atmospheres any time soon for NASA.


ooops, too late!

Major Cranford, CAP

Ever since I heard this on the news the theme from "Animanics" keeps running through my head, slightly altered though.

Major Cranford, CAP

Her mug shot, kind of looks like Ben Stiller from the movie Zoolander.

Johnny Yuma

She looks like one of the local tweakers (meth addicts) that plague my little berg.

Wouldn't be surprised if drugs weren't involved here.

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