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April 26, 2007



1) Border Patrol 182 just crashed killing pilot, cause under investigation, violent area.

2) Border patrol cessnas have stuff like FLIR & a smaller crew. CAP tries to do it with extra eyeballs... daylight only, mixed weather, ground cover, from alttitude, looking for man sized moving targets that don't want to be found... what's the cost benefit on that?

3) We already do a whole lot of hours on the border for the state & 1AF. Log in & take a look at the reqs/oplans/spins for that stuff. I don't want to break opsec on that since it's ongoing, however, take a look at how it's worded, the limits involved, and the logistics tail.

4) The border is a political issue that no one wants solved. Getting overly involved is just lining up between the rock & hard place. I'd MUCH rather focus on the serious HLS & disaster response work that are much more up our alley & frankly a thousand times more important then labor politics & border control. I do like leadership being up front & pushing, but I think they need to focus on realistic things.

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