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July 15, 2007



If air school is anything like ground school - yes, get ready for death by powerpoint...

And if you take out no A/C, the barracks aren't that bad... But I've always wondered why there's plastic covers on them.


Most if not all of the barracks at Atterbury are A/C'd now. Big honking Trane heat pumps outside. Nice and cool inside.

(our TOC during Annual Training had the A/C activated during the 2nd or 3rd day I was there.. I was downright COLD in there after a couple days...)


NIN, since when? I was just there last summer and there was none...


I was there 24 Jun - 4 July. :) They were still in the process of activating A/C units on buildings that hadn't been used when we moved in. The guys in my barracks had been there since the 21st and the A/C didn't actually get turned on until the afternoon of the 24th (My timing, if nothing else, is impeccable..) The TOC wasn't working until the 26th, but it was heaven after that.

A far cry from the years spent sweating my keyster off at Alpena in the open bays there...


Well, come on, tell us the rest of the story! Hurt Yoda's feelings you will not.


I guess Midway6 went over the hill from NESA.....


For the true NESA experience you need to go out with the ground pounders of the GSAR School, Hooah!

One of these days I will join up again and try to get back on staff out there.

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