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October 04, 2007



May no CAP member ever utter his name again.

Who? The general who shall not be named!!!


Odd that he's still in the WMU listed as a member of CA-006:

"Pineda, Antonio J (Maj Gen; CA-006) CAPID=[REDACTED]"

I removed his CAPID.


My bad - he's out. Must be a WMU thing - eServices tells a different story.


Lordy, I hope this link works

The Walk of Shame

Sorry, Kid Mystic made me do it!


It is interesting how vague the charges were. And to throw it in Pinedas face, the stripping rank thing, is ridiculous. He's gone...let it go. Just like it would have been wrong for the press to mention how Hayden was kicked out for making verbal threats against the lives of other members. Hayden's gone too. I think its time to let the program move forward.

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