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October 03, 2007



Couldn't've happened to a nicer guy!

Seriously, he had to go for the good of the organization after creating the abysmal command climate. I'm quite sure BG Courter's got the damage control crews hard at work fixing the structural problems he left behind...


I just hope that Gen. Courter will reverse many of the things that TP did to screw up CAP, starting with the TPU, then the BDU tape, and return us to just Civil Air Patrol, not United States Civil Air Patrol, as we are the aux. to the US Air Force, not our own separate branch. It is my hope that with him gone, our relationship with the AF will improve.


ArmyBrat84 ... The so-called "TPU" did NOT screw up Civil Air Patrol. What it did was give members who, for one reason or another, don't meet AF grooming or weight standards a military-style uniform. That may not mean much to you, but I can tell you with certainty that it means a LOT to some members of CAP. As for the BDU tape, that can go either way, so far as I care. Our relationship with the AF needs to be fixed, and I trust General Courter to get the process going in the right way. Just ... stop ganging up on the Corporate Service Uniform (to give it its proper name). Too many members have shelled out too many bucks. I doubt that it's going anywhere.


The actual topic is Pineda being fired.

The facts are that Pineda was nothing - the corruption is rampant in the Civil Air Patrol.

This, is just the beginning - there is much work to do.



As someone who does not meet the standards to wear the AF uniform, I choose to wear the Aviator shirt/gray slacks combination. What was wrong with this uniform? It looks very military when worn right. If the CSU was changed in the following ways, I would be for it.

1. CAP gray epaulets instead of AF officer ones on the shirts and metal insignia on the coat.

2. Gray CAP name tag instead of blue two-line one. Why they felt they needed a whole new name tag for this uniform was silly.

I certainly have no problem providing a military style uniform for those not meeting AF standards, but the CSU has the potential to pull us further away from the AF and lead us down the road to the return of the maroon epaulets. I just do not feel that the CSU was well thought through and that it was just a way for Pineda to wear real stars on his shoulders and not for any benefit to the members.

Tribal Elder

We've been through a difficult time. Our national 'leadership' was on a tangent, consumed with the military trappings-the extra star, that ribbon, the uniform that suited HIM (figuratively AND literally)...

Let's get back to our core businesses- Aerospace Education, Cadet Program, Emergency Services (alphabetical order).

Collectively, let's go forward spending a lot less time worrying about what we're going to wear. While the recent changes may not be improvements, new changes will only divert more member resources for things that may not advance our missions. Does what we wear change how you serve our community, state and nation ? If yes, perhaps you should serve elsewhere.


Staying focused on what is best for the "customer" will help avoid internal conflicts. As a non-CAP observer I am perplexed by the emotions spent on issues that seem to have lost a sense of serving the needs of the "customer". I'll let you define your customer, but its not the CAP itself. Gen. Courter's background and feedback from others is most impressive and I expect the future is bright for the CAP.

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