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December 05, 2007



Jeez, I wish you would not have brought this to our attention. What crappy 40s musical was this in?


Auxman bwahahaha. I love it!
And it kinda reminds me of the 50's Highway Patrol tv show theme


The song was released in the 1970's A 45 rpm record was sent to each unit. I have one in my hot little hands. I also have a cleaned up CD with it on. There are two versions, instrumental and Vocal. Its not as old as you thought. There are some much earlier CAP songs. I gave a copy to NHQ and Our past National commander a couple of years ago.


Okay, I accept that they recorded and passed out the records in the 70s, but you're not going to convince me that this song was written in the 1970s without some proof.

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