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January 04, 2008



According to the AOPA's 2006 Nall report on general aviation accidents, 83% of fatal general aviation crashes are due to pilot-related factors and less than 10% are due to known mechanical issues. There is only so much that the government, non-profits, etc. can do to make people smarter or to demonstrate more common sense using voluntary programs such as we have.

Probably the only thing that might do some good would be to require general aviation pilots to undergo some sort of regular safety training or refresher training with instructor pilots or form-5 like flight checks on a regular basis.

While this might actually do some good, it really goes against just about every insticts American's have. We figure if the government certifies us once, we're good to go until we're legally blind.

When you get right down to it, the number of people lost in general aviation accidents is so low, is it really worth concentrating on given the much higher loss of people in car accidents? We could spend hundreds of millions of dollars worth of pilot's time and money (and government time and money to oversee it) paying for such a mandatory program, but would it be worth it to save a few hundred more lives a year?

The biggest bang for your buck would be in reducing fatal car accidents.

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