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Volunteer. Pilot. American.


QUESTION: What is, "The best kept secret in the Air Force?"
ANSWER: "The Civil Air Patrol"

- Jeopardy, 1996

I volunteer my time to serve my community, state, and nation.

There are over 65,000 of us who do.

I serve as an Officer, Pilot, Air Crew, and Ground Team Leader performing missions that span Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief, Counter Narcotics, and Homeland Security.

I believe it is important to educate people about Aerospace, and how it it is important to our economy and our liberty.

I also support the CAP Cadet Program, helping to mentor tomorrow's aerospace leaders.

I'm honored to wear the uniform and count others that do, both near and far, as my brothers and sisters.

Rules Of Engagement 1.0

1. All Rules Of Engagement are etched in Jello.

2. Who am I? Well I'm sure that just a little bit of detective work on your part will be all that's needed to figure that out. Names will be changed to protect the innocent. (and the guilty)

3. This blog is about the Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.

4. This is my blog. I can say anything I want. Have something to say? Fine! Post a comment!

5. Political Correctness is not in the plan. (Problem with that? See #4.)

Please keep your arms and legs inside of the vehicle at all times.


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