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August 09, 2005


Grant Henninger

Try updating DirectX, you can get the most recent version at

Hopefully that will fix it.

Civil Airman

Hey, here's an idea...

You fly here, bring the laptop (I'll fix it) and we can sacrifice a chicken the proper way, immersed in gobs of buffalo wing or barbeque sauce...

Or, just update DirectX :o)


Increase the resolution of your windows desktop to 1280x1024, and ensure that you're using an NVIDIA card or similar quality. When I changed to those specs, it works "fairly" well........version 3.0 is still buggy.

Mark K.

go here and ask them: (they will Know what to do.)

Lowell Wiley

The Garmin G-1000 sim works fine for me on my PC. I have only a 1.47 GB AMD Athlon with 256 MB of Video Ram on a GeForce 4200 XFX card. But I understand that the video card is an important part of this thing, and lots of laptops have problems. Check with Cessna or Garmin on which video card may or may not work. Happy Computing, simulations and have fun with the G-1000. I did a form 5 with Nav III C-182T just yesterday. 9 Sep 05.

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