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December 05, 2005



OK, where is my opportunity to OPT OUT of CAP's next marketing schlock? I'm so sick of getting catalogs & MBNA credit card offers because CAP keeps selling my information...


NIN, If you recall your high school civics class, the US is a capitalist country and many non-profits constantly search for new ways to attract capital. I'm sorry this bothers you.


So if we don't like being spammed, then we're un-American? I'll make a note of it, Comrade.

I don't have a problem with a new revenue stream for CAP -- I have a problem with being marketed to with every scheme by NHQ without the opportunity to opt out.

I'm already bombarded with ads for National Boards every year. I can deal with it, because at some point, I'll have to attend one to advance in my professional development path.

But I don't appreciate being spammed via email and snail-mail by my organization without the chance to say "no thanks" beforehand.

Remember -- these new revenue streams market DIRECTLY TO THE MEMBERSHIP, not any outside groups. Why not develop and market something that a NON-CAP member might want or use? Just a thought.

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