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August 28, 2006


Major Carrales

I wonder if it might not be prudent to see if we can develop unmanned recon as a CAP activity. We have several amature RC aircraft hobbiests in our unit. I wonder if we could do it cheaper.

Imagine this...manned CAP aircraft "darken the skies" on some sun baked God forsaken section of the frontier. However, there is a week where it looks like we might be short some CAP pilots or there may be a need for some critical R&R. In steps (ta-dah!)... a CAP Unmanned Vehicle System Team. Such an activity could also include

It seems like we find a degree of thread from these things...why not make them a part of our arsenal?

Is is possible? probable?

Midway Six


I am so gonna come down there and kick your ass!

(I kid! I kid!)

- Midway Six

Major Carrales

I can see your "Chicago" showing (I kid...I Kid) "My kind of town, Chicago Kind of town Chicago is..."

My proposal is a simple one, turn into the danger. The best way to defeat a rival is to adopt the rival's modus operandi as your own. It insures that CAP stays on top.

Imagine what would happen if Exxon-Mobile adpoted a policy to develop alternative engergy instead of fighting it. Or, if automobile companies developed cleaner tech instead of fighting it.

We should adopt these UNMANNED PROBES as an element of would give us some control in the development of these things.

If it could be done cheaper and by volunteers...we could keep mother ARMED FORCES off our turf...sort of speak.

What say you?

Jim Quinn

I believe that Major Carrales has a valid point.

I would be quite interested in being qualified to "fly" one of these things. There's nothing worse than being grounded during IFR weather during a search or other activity. Suppose we had one of the robots with IR or ground search radar, and that aircrews or our colleagues on the ground were able to complete the mission with the UAV's while we lowly humans were grounded and unable to perform? Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately, I'm sure I would be precluded from the flying--I can't fly Microsoft's flight simulator worth a flip!

Regards to all.

Jim Quinn
Longview, TX


I'm one of M6's boys and I've got his back so ease off son.

I love "un-manned doo-dads".

Anyone want a sandmich?

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