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December 29, 2006



From CadetStuff....

Major Carrales

This is one of the best WWII era films I have ever seen. It tackles the issue of command stress head on.

Other films I have seen that take honest looks at things in that era are...

1) "The Best Years of Our Lives" Returning American Servicemen have to adapt to Post War lives.

2) "The Big Lift" About the Berlin Airlift. I have not seen it in a while, but remember it fondly.

But back to 12 o'clock high. Everything in that is iconic. From "The Leper Colony," to Pecks remark to the Chaplain after he asks him if he "got one of ours or one of there's" to the position Peck finds himself when he breaks down.


Ordering the 12 O'Clock High DVD was the first thing I did as a new Deputy Commander of Cadets (2-1/2 years ago). I know in the late 70's the USAF Academy used the film in their leadership training- don't know if they still do. CAP has an accompanying study guide here: Case Study: 12 O'Clock High
We cover the study guide and movie in segments through the year. I'm finding that our seniors get as much out of it as the cadets.

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