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August 21, 2007



Ops in Minnesota are still going on. There were over 120 CAP personnel from MN and WI. (NCR and GLR... which was cool, working two regions on a massive DR effort.) I was on this search with one of the teams, and it was really tough terrain. (The flash flood was so high, that we were looking 8 to 10 feet into the trees at debris… to include large items such as picnic tables…) Unfortunately, this missing person search did not have a happy ending. But, it was a good example of a joint operation where people worked well together.

The day before, my team was deployed (for one of our taskings) to a very small town, which was devastated. The town was so small; it was not a priority for the other agencies, so one of our teams going through got an ecstatic welcome. We stayed for several hours, augmenting some other teams, helped the town get organized, etc. To many people, we were the first folks on the scene, and we unfortunately couldn’t meet their needs. (Restoring power, importing heavy moving equipment… etc…)

Literally, many of these people had their homes either swept away, or flooded out. Some folks were shoveling large amounts of mud from their basements.

Driving was treacherous, as on some sides of the road… nothing was supporting the blacktop. And, some places, the roads were just washed away, like the earth swallowed them up. And, in some spots, the water had been so strong… the blacktop was in large sections… in the farm fields next to where the road had been.

Very tiring, but, definitely an experience that makes you thankful for what you have, and feel good that you train to make a difference in the lives of people in need.


Fantastic work, guys and gals.

I was explaining to a new member tonight that "ground team" work certainly isn't just airplane searches. We're a Swiss Army knife out there.

I'm proud to serve with all of you.

Give Them Heck

I am here and both watching and listening.

Tricia Lorenz

I just want to THANK everyone who help in the search for my Brother's been 4 1/2 years now and I still remember those days like they were yesterday.......I can still smell the air, feel the emotions,I can hear the sound of the search team in the air, and so thankful for EVERYONE that help. Jerry was a great man and loved that area, our family can only be greatful that Jerry's last breathe was in the very place he LOVED the most. Now his Spirit can be free down there by his creek...I go there often, but am at peace knowing his Spirit is there also.

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