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October 05, 2007



This whole affair sickens me.

Having dealt with numerous “he said – she said” situations in my professional life, I tried to keep my distance from judging the Commander before his case was properly adjudicated. Now that he is gone, it will be no doubt in the hands of the lawyers now to sort out who gets the last laugh. One thing for sure – CAP as an organization has lost no matter what happens from this point forward.

I have heard this rumor about the consolidated maintenance program several times and like Midway choose to let the facts play out before I make any judgment. Having dealt with Col. Diduch in the past, my gut tells me that he is a good guy.

The rumors may be rooted in the fact that several people had their apple carts upset by the change to our maintenance program. For the record I am not a fan of the new system because in my opinion the quality of our maintenance has suffered significantly. Perhaps it’s just growing pains, time will tell. Maybe that’s a topic for another CapBlog discussion.

My only hope is that we can get back to business. Our new Commander appears to be a fine American, let’s all get behind her and help her to dig our butts out of yet another change of leadership under less than desirable circumstances.

Right Seater

Let's agree that this whole ordeal has been painful and damaging to the organization. Let's support the decision of the BOG and move on. We need to focus on recovering whatever credibility we have lost and regaining the trust of our membership. Let the former commander go and let him do whatever he wishes to do. At the end of the day, it probably won't mean a thing. He'll drag us through the mud. Let's not accompany him, aid him or give any credence to his argument

As for propagating other unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo, by doing so, you damage the organization you claim to love. Let’s not be tempted to report the sensational for the sake of pretending that you know something someone else might not. There are people’s personal and professional reputations at stake and let’s not forget that those people are putting their reputations on the line as volunteers.


Any credence to his argument? We cant do that until it is made known WHAT he (Pineda)actually did wrong. While I agree we must move on from this, I find it scary that the BOG believed a guy (Hayden)who was himself kicked out of CAP (if that was the actual reason). I guess it's the secrecy of the whole thing that is troubling.


I'm not only from Col Diduch's region, but also his wing. Though just a cadet, I've met with him a few times--and that's not his character. That sort of accusation is completely unfounded--I say we turn this witch hunt around and smoke out whomever started such rumors.


While I fully agree that Col Diduch is not type of man to do this. You say he's part of your wing. Technically, the Col is not part of a wing so that's not technically possible. Unless you talk about the place he lives and was with for years.

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