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February 24, 2008



Small correction. CAP cadets are also not permitted on board within 10 hours of major engine maintenance.

Restriction for CAP and AFROTC/AFJROTC Cadet Orientation Flights subsequent to Major Aircraft Maintenance Activity.

To ensure an additional margin of safety for CAP orientation flights, CAP or AFROTC cadet orientation flights will not be conducted on aircraft within 10 hours of tachometer time after any of the following maintenance actions:
(a) Engine change
(b) Major engine overhaul
(c) Any maintenance requiring removal or replacement of one or more cylinders
(d) Replacement of one or more magnetos


Call me crazy, but I spent 10 years in aviation maintenance and that kind of a restriction would cause my "professional maintainer" sphincter to pucker.

While I realize "Stuff happens," particular after you've just applied a wrench to it, this smacks of overreaction to a non-problem.

UNLESS we've had a spate of post-maintenance engine failures or something similarly anomalous.

And if that's the case, the problem isn't "AFROTC/CAP cadet orientation flights" but rather "something to do with the maintenance of the aircraft." You don't fix the problem by restricting the type of flight, but rather by addressing the root cause.

If maintenance is being performed "to the practical standards," in theory the first hour after major maintenance should be as safe as the 11th. If, however, someone is cutting corners or shoddy maintenance is being performed, then it shouldn't matter who is in the bloody cockpit for the first 10 hrs, there needs to be some corrective action taken about the mx, not who flies after its done.

"Sorry, Joe Pilot, but this plane has only had 2.5 hrs since it had a mag replaced. Since we're not 100% sure its not gonna explode out the side of the cowling, its gonna be another 7.5 hrs before we'll trust this plane to put a cadet in it. YOU, however, are mostly expendable, so please, fly the dickens out of this thing!"



PS. What are the pilots who fly the first 10 hrs after maintenance? Test pilots? Please!

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