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February 23, 2008


FO Martin

So here is my problem with the site. Something I like to call "mission targeting". There were three links at the bottom of the first page under the heading "How we get our hands dirty". Of course, they were the three missions. The problem was this. The CP link linked to the recruiting for teens page, the ES link went to adults, and the AE link went to educators. Ummmm.... all members have the option to perform all missions. I know a few cadets who would be offended by anyone who said cadets don't do ES. That's strait up wrong, and this mission targeting recruiting campaign seems to give tham impression a lot.


M6 - right on.


The thing I liked about the Obama site was that its CLEAN and SIMPLE with a nice balance of white space and content. The interior site (the "home page") is not laden with flashy crap (yes, I intended that pun) or sounds or music or whatever. Its clear, clean, pleasing to the eye and shouldn't induce seizures. It looks professional and would encourage most people to click around and find more information.

I did get the chance to see the CAP recruiting site before it unceremoniously disappeared. I wouldn't characterize it as "awful," but I would call it to some extent (ahem, cadets, cover your eyes) "HTML masturbation". Its like when someone first learns the blink tag or how to do tables, you just go frickin' nuts and everything someplace blinks in a table. Thats what this was: Look at how clever and keen we can be! Wow!

Sure, it was divvied up into its target audiences (my college's website does something similar). That kind of "multiple pathing" into the guts of the site from a home page or a landing page is pretty common. It helps make sure that you're hitting the correct parties, which in the case of our site could be prospective cadets, parents of current cadets, parents of prospective cadets, etc, etc, etc, with the right information right from where they land. I have no problem with that. You're trying to funnel in the "broad strokes" here. The key is to have links leading elsewhere, and not lock yourself in to one path with the content (ie. there should be an indication on the ES page that cadets participate in ES, with links to the cadet-oriented pages, and the cadet programs page should mention that cadets participate in the emergency services program with links over to that section.) Links within your own site are cheap, and give people multiple ways of accessing your information that more closely conforms to the way they think.

I recently went to a site that pertained to the National High School Drill Team Championships (for JROTC units), The Drill Jungle. That's a really nifty Flash-based web template. WHAT THE HELL DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH MARCHING? Not a darn thing. After 4 minutes of headache-inducing navigation, not to mention the urban thumping soundtrack, I gave up. I couldn't believe that such a "prestigious" event would have such an ODD website presentation that was clearly someone's idea of "cool" that had zero pertinence to the subject matter.

(See, CAP ain't the only ones!)

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