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April 27, 2008


Tribal Elder

Thanks for the insights and the enthusiasm you've shared over the last 4 years.


Kudos to our time as CC. I've thouroughly enjoyed your insight that was always given in a professional "civil" manner.

Blue skies and fair winds


fat finger typing....that first line is...

Kudos to YOUR time as CC.




“Canadian Aviator” magazine has asked me to do a feature article on Canadians in the CAP. If you’re a Canadian, an ex-Canadian or have worked with Canadians in the CAP, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

We’d like to hear of your experiences, challenges, anecdotes. The more information the better, including where you’re from and how long you’ve been a member.

CAP doesn’t have records of aliens and doesn’t know how many Canadians are in the CAP. My wife and I have been members for over 15 years, having been introduced by a man from North Bay, Ontario who flew for a Florida unit on sunset (boating) patrols. We’ve met another Canadian in Texas and a third was killed during a mountain search in California. Perhaps you know of others.

We worked on the Northridge earthquake for about 10 days, and have flown ELT and EPIRB searches, fire watch, transport missions, and over 70 CD missions each. But the editor wants to know of other Canadians’ contributions.

I also fly for the Canadian Civil Air Rescue Association (CASARA), which helps the air force with searches. If enough members contribute their experiences, each organization may be able to learn from the other.

Neil Macdougall, Mid Valley Senior Squadron, Harlingen, Texas

I've been unable to post this in the right place, although I've examined several pages, such as admin, es, flight ops.



If you can help with the article, please contact me at

Thank you.

Neil Macdougall

Account Deleted

Thank you for giving information about cap

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