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May 08, 2008



1 - Check out Swift Fuel at
A 100LL replacement for US$1.80 per gallon? W00t!

2 - Also 1333 looks like it's going to the Senate. Hello, Border Patrol flights!

3 - NASA has been grousing for years that they need a (not-kidding) "space cadet" training corps. Uh, isn't that what the CAP cadet program is about?

- Larry


All National Capital Wing operations are managed at the wing level. The wing maintaines the a/c and conducts aircrew meeting for pilots in all the squadrons. It works out great - and the small wing has the most flying hours to a/c in the nation so far this year...

Account Deleted

it works great, national wing operations are managed at wing level


CAP does not evaluate AFAMs outside the US, Canada jets and Europe

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