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May 07, 2008



But they have a reflected logo! They *must* be better than us.


Well, what *else* was he going to do now that he's not Reichsfuhrer-CAP any more?


Der Reichsfuhrer...good one!

I left CAP after 17 years of service because of Pineda. I had achieved much and enjoyed my position on MER Staff. Unfortunately my outspoken cuation regarding Pineda angered Der Reichsfuhrer and a late night phone call from a high placed member of Region Staff to warn me to cool down occurred. TP and his hand picked region commander wanted to 2B me out of the organization.

I have since moved on to other endeavors however however the alarms went off when I saw how TP was misrepresenting himself and this USRC by using stock photos and proclaiming a nationwide organization.

The superimposed 'offical looking' logo on the side of the building looks cheesy as crap. The fact that every address, phone number, fax line and email goes straight to his home or 'office' should cryout fraud of some sort.

I personally hope that this comes crashing down around the tin soldier Pineda.


This is a piece of work!

From the Bylaws and constitution:

"A. The Corps Commander or Corps Deputy Commander may be removed from office for personal misconduct involving moral turpitude which creates an appearance of serious impropriety to the public or which may discredit or embarrass the United States Ranger Corps."

hmmmm? Such as... cheating on tests?
Maybe a self appointed Lt. Gen. in charge of Testing and evaluations would take care of that problem.


"1. United States Ranger Corps may receive gifts, bequests, devices, legacies, and donations for such purposes as are within the general scope of its corporate objectives and purposes.

2.All funds and property acquired by United States Ranger Corps in ANY manner and from WHATEVER sources shall be received in the name of United States Ranger Corps and shall become the property of the Corporation, and shall be administered and accounted for as prescribed in the Bylaws and Regulations."

You said you "threw up in your mouth a little" after reading this...
I just read it and have to leave to go to the re$#%@^@#^&#%^&$

Account Deleted

nice organization nice mission

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