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June 05, 2008



Squadrons east of the Mississippi, eh?

Never heard a peep from my chain of command, yet. Its not unlikely that pilots from my area might fly to FDK, but they'd have to blow right past it to hit P-40.

But still, its a little disingenuous to say "every squadron east of the Mississippi" when that's clearly not the case.


I got it through my chain of command. "NER/CC, MER/CC and GLR/CC,

AOPA has asked for our support this coming Saturday. See the details below. Can you please contact your wings ASAP to see if they can participate? This is a great opportunity to assist one of CAP's important partners. Thank you.

John A. Salvador
Director of Missions, HQ CAP
Toll Free: 888.211.1812 ext. 301

Phone: 334.953.3922 ext. 301

DSN: 493.3922 ext. 301

Fax: 800.555.7902 (DSN 493-5944)"

I don't wanna post all the emails I got, but just so you guys know NHQ did roll on it.

1Lt. Rivera

so how did this work out? Any updates?

1Lt. Rivera

looks like CAP got the money. Good job!

"We challenged pilots coming to the fly-in to show the FAA and the security folks just how conscientious pilots really are," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "We said if they delivered on that challenge -- no incursion violations -- we'd donate $5,000 to the Civil Air Patrol to thank them for their assistance in this effort. This is money I’m GLAD to give away."

Account Deleted

very good message thank you

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