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December 01, 2008



Happy Birthday CAP...and glad to see you haven't left us Data. Glad to see you posting again.


Hey guy, I know your pain. 25 years in a great program marred with back biting and power games. Spent 6 years as a cadet sqdn cdr and got nuttin but a ribbon and back stabbed by the wing cdr. He tried 3 time to kick me out but all I ever did was call him on bad leadership decisuons. I left in 99 and miss working with the cadets but not the bung holes.

Account Deleted

Congratulations to all the Civil Air Patrol. Happy 67th anniversary! thanks alice ksrtc


I served in the CAP (Virginia) from 1974-1978. IT built a future for my Navy career. I logged over 800 hours in the Navy. I let all kids to take part in local CAP membership. I now own and operate my own company that trains private sectors in Disaster Recovery and Crime Prevention. We also operate disaster response teams within our services regional area. CAP was the base of this history.

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Many more happy returns of the day

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